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Prayer diary w/c 19 March 2007

Monday 19th - We are asked to remember Nighstop in our prayers today and give thanks for all those who give a helping hand to other less fortunate than themselves. May these acts of kindness bless both the giver and the taker.

Tuesday 20th - Ian and Dorothy T need our prayers. May they be uplifted in the knowledge that God will give them strength to deal with Ian's illness, and that they will be loved and supported by family and friends.

Wednesday 21st - Moira and Keith would like us to give thanks to God for His faithfulness regarding their son, Chris, who has settled well in his new job in Edinburgh.

Thursday 22nd - Lee and Heather need our prayers and loving support as they deal with family difficulties at this time. Please ask God to grant them His strength, and to bless them with His peace.

Friday 23rd - We are asked to give thanks for the leaders of "Sorted", the youth club which meets on our premises. They are extremely grateful on behalf of its young members for all …

Shine 18 - 25 March 2007

Monday 19 March - 7.30 pm You are invited to come and sing King of Kinds the new musical by Darren Garfield. Please meet at St Andrew's for a meeting and first rehearsal. The musical will be performed with a choir from the Headingley circuit on Friday and Saturday 8/9 June. All ages and abilities welcome!!Saturday 24 March - Easter craft morning 9.30 am to 12.00 noon, tickets £5 including refreshments. Elaine is running a craft morning to make and create some wonderful Easter goodies!Sunday 25 March - 10.30 am Keith Bolton, 6.30 pm Circuit United Service at St Andrew's.Thursday 29 March - National children's homes charity concert 7pm at Woodhouse Grove School. Tickets £4.00.Saturday 31 March - Ladies' Wednesday Group Coffee Morning, 10 am to 12.00 noon, tea/coffee and biscuits 50p
9.30 am Church spring clean - We are very fortunate that we have members of our church who take it in turns to regularly clean the church and this is a really big job for one person to do it w…

Prayer mission - Thackley Road

Loving Lord
We ask your blessing on all who live in Thackley Road. You know their situations; their joys and sorrows; their hopes and fears; their needs and their concerns. May they know that they are in our thoughts and that we care for them. Help us to respond in love to the needs and pressures our modern world places upon them and show us ways in which we can serve and strengthen our community.

(Image by (Prayer mission info)

Prayer diary w/c 12 March 2007

Monday 12th - Gill asks us to give thanks for the Monday Mums an the hand of frienship they hold out to all who join them on a Monday morning.

Tuesday 13th - Please hold before God Margaret R's granddaughter, Zoe, who needs our prayers during an especially difficult time.

Wednesday 14th - Tomorrow is the 4th anniversary of the death of Jean H's son-in-law, Jeffrey. Please ask God to be close to her and her daughter Debbie at this difficult time of remembrance.

Thursday 15th - As the members of our Circuit Council meet this evening, please give thanks for the deliberations and actions they do on our behalf, and the faithfulness of their work.

Friday 16th - Jean K would like us to give thanks for her family who are always there to help, support and love her.

Saturday 17th - Maria asks us to pray for her friend and neighbour, Harry, who has been diagnosed with cancer. May he be given strength and courage to face the time ahead.

Sunday 18th - Louise asks us to give thanks to God for the…

We're flourishing!

Well actually, some of us are pretty tired after a very hectic weekend; however, we are ALL very richly blessed! We've had a fantastic Church at home anniversary weekend.

We started on Friday night with Keith leading discussions on worship and barriers to worship. Jackie continued this theme on Saturday morning as we looked at elements of worship. We then split into groups - prayer/meditation, music, drama - to plan our Sunday family worship. While all this was going on, Sharon and her team led the children's ceative activities on the theme of growth. We were frantically trying to pull all the elements of the group work together while we were eating our packed lunches and, to be honest, we left with some doubts as to how all the elements were going to fit together.

After a free afternoon (free? some of us were shopping/cleaning/washing!) we reassembled for a wonderful chinese banquet (courtesy of the Chinese take away across the road from us) and after dinner entertainment. What…


As part of Fairtrade fortnight, we ran a stall during most of last week to spread the word about Fairtrade to the many regular users of our premises, from Brownies, Guides and Boys Brigade to Men's Forum, Karate, Bowling Group, Wives Group, Monday Mums, Jigsaw, Playgroup and Mums and Toddlers. This proved very successful; the general reaction was on of interest and support. More importantly, we sold just under £600 of Fairtrade products. Congratulations and sincere thanks to those who staffed the stall for their commitment to guaranteeing that disadvantaged producers in the developing world are getting a better deal.

Prayer diary w/c 5 March 2007

Monday 5th - Please pray for Jackie D's friend, Hazel, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. May she find strength and courage during the coming weeks.

Tuesday 6th - Jean H would like to thank all the church family for their prayerful support for her and Neville - it really has made a difference. Neville will be waiting until June for further action to be taken.

Wednesday 7th - Kim would like us to pray for her neighbour, Joyce, who is recovering from a heart attack. May she know the love and concern of those around her.

Thursday 8th - On International Women's Day, please bring before God the women of this world who are bringing up children in squalor, hunger and ill health and who are trying to improve their living conditions. We help the when we support projects like Water Aid, Christian Aid and Action Aid.

Friday 9th - Please ask a blessing on our Church Family Weekend. May we grow together in love and friendship. Bless all those who will organise and partake in this event…

Prayer diary w/c 26 February 2007

Monday 26th - Today marks the start of Fairtrade Fortnight. Thank God that we can now help Third World countries by buying fairly traded goods. Please support the various initiatives across the circuit with your presence and prayers.

Tuesday 27th - Please keep Frank, Gill's grandpa in your prayers. He is still in hospital and trying to organise his life in the future.

Wednesday 28th - Plase keep Dorothy, Alma's sister, in your prayers. She is very ill.

Thursday 1st - This month we are asked to pray for the residents of Thackley Road - those known and unknown to us. May they see us and our church as a light in the community and know we are there for them.

Friday 2nd - Today, the World Day of Prayer, please pray especially for the street children in many countries of S America who live without the support of families and in fear of the authorities who should be caring for them.

Saturday 3rd - Please remember Keith in your prayers as he prepares to lead us in worship tomorrow.

Sunday 4…