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Come Holy Spirit

Our own arrangement service for Pentecost was well received with lots of positive words of encouragement for Louise and Ruth. As Louise said in the children's address, the Holy Spirit gives us the strength we need to do the things we sometimes feel we can't do; our own arrangement services provide a wonderful demonstration of this.

A big thank you to all who took part; those who provided flowers for the church, those who welcomed us at the door, Fran for reading the call to worship, Louise for tying the first part of the service together, Eric and Alma for leading our prayers of adoration and confession, Ben for playing the piano during the offertory (well done - when are you playing again?), Chris for reading, Ruth for playing the organ/piano and telling us about God's Internet aided by a number of volunteers and a ball of wool, Richard for leading our prayers of thanksgiving and intercession, Verity for operating the laptop/projector, those who served coffee after the ser…

Prayer diary - w/c 28 May 2007

Monday 28th - Chris would like us to give thanks for lovely sunny days, fresh green leaves, family and friends and all those people we meet who make us feel good

Tuesday 29th - Jaine would like us to give thanks to God that her mother continues to be so well.

Wednesday 30th - Elaine and Dave need our prayers as they approach Helen and Adam’s Wedding Day in Florida. Elaine does so much for us – may she feel encircled and blessed with our love.

Thursday 31st - Let us give God thanks for the music in our church, and especially for Ruth and Gill, our organists, as they lead our worship so faithfully week by week.

Friday 1st – Neville had another scan at the end of May. Jean asks that we continue to uphold her and Neville in our prayers. May they feel God’s loving arms around them.

Saturday 2nd – please pray for Keith and all who will be taking part in our Family and Parade service tomorrow. May our worship be a time of fellowship, strengthening the ties that bind us together in God’s love. We …

Prayer diary - w/c 21 May 2007

Monday 21st - Maria would like us to give thanks for all Church family and friends, and also remember her next door neighbour Harry, who is still very ill

Tuesday 22nd - Elaine requests that we ask God to bless Dave, and give thanks for all his love and support for her, Nicola and Helen

Wednesday 23rd - Margaret W. asks us to praise and bless God for the miracle he has wrought for David, who is now able to walk with a zimmer

Thursday 24th - Christine S asks us to pray for her daughter’s friend Julie, who is experiencing great difficulties at the moment. May Julie feel our care and concern for her through our prayers

Friday 25th - Ruth asks us to give thanks for the work of Cliff College, and pray God will bless their festival, the theme of which is “The Spirit-filled Church”

Saturday 26th - Sharon asks us to pray for two teenagers, Tom and David, that God will help them and those who play a part in their lives to continue to turn their lives around.

Sunday 27th - On this Pentecost Sunday, m…

Prayer diary - w/c 14 May 2007

Apologies for the lateness of getting these on the blog; however, be assured that the following were in our prayers:

Monday 14th - As Christian Aid week starts, please ask a blessing on all who will be collecting, all who willingly give to this good cause, all who carry out God’s work, and all who will receive

Tuesday 15th - Jackie M would like us to give thanks for the amount of over £300 which was raised at our recent Daffodil Day for the Marie Curie Charity. May God bless all the nurses who work for Marie Curie, and all the people who benefit from their love and care

Wednesday 16th - Please pray for Louise and her family today. It would have been her parents 48th Wedding Anniversary. May they all know God’s comforting arms around them at this time of remembrance, and His peace in their hearts.

Thursday 17th - Please continue to pray for Dorothy and Ian Tattersfield, as they face Ian’s illness together. May God be very close to them and give them His peace

Friday 18th - Jackie M. would l…

Gifts galore!

On Sunday we celebrated our Junior Church Anniversary and our service was a true celebration of God's gifts to us.

We were privileged to be led by John Froud, singer, song-writer and evangelist, assisted by Rob Dunsire, poet. Many of our children had met John before as he works with 45 or so schools in the Bradford area. Rob has been with us before; you'll see the fruits of his work with us on a previous blog entry. Both are using God's gifts to the full and, through their words and music, we marvelled afresh at the wonder, and glorious gift of God's creation. We thank you both, and feel sure that this will not be your last visit to Thackley!

An anniversary celebration wouldn't be complete without presents. To show our youngsters how much they mean to our Church family, Kim and Louise presented each member of our Junior Church a lovely book.

It was also a great joy to share our Anniversary service with those who have been baptised at Thackley in recent years. Although…

Prayer diary w/c 7 May 2007

Monday 7th Many external exams are taking place early this month. Please remember all students at this stressful time, and also pray that the people marking the exams do so with a sense of fairness and responsibility.

Tuesday 8th As our Church Council meet this evening, please give thanks for their work and faithfulness on our behalf. Please also keep praying for Gill’s Grandpa, Frank, and ask for the Peace of God for him, which passeth all understanding.

Wednesday 9th Please give praise and thanks for the safe arrival of Megan, a new daughter for Andy and Wendy and a little sister for Bethany. May the family know of our love and care for them.

Thursday 10th Please pray for Ruth's husband, Tony, who has tennis elbow in both arms and is due for a cortisone injection today. May he know we are praying for him and thinking about him. Also many congratulations and love to Eileen and Kenneth as they celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary!!

Friday 11th Margaret R asks us to pray for her…