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With sadness ...

We were so sorry to hear last week of the death of our friend Jean. Elaine gave a beautiful testimony of how she had asked Jean to come to church with her and after some time she eventually did. Elaine spoke of how she worried that she may have pushed her friend too much when Jean was crying in the car on the way home; however, they were tears of joy as Jean had found the love of God through a loving, caring church family at Thackley.

Today we were equally saddened to hear of the death of another dear friend Eileen. We pray for God's blessing and comfort for all those whose lives were touched by Eileen and Jean, we celebrate their lives and rejoice that they are both now free of suffering and in the loving care of their heavenly father.

The beauty of math

Jackie prepared us for worship this morning by sharing some colourful photographs of her beautiful garden.

Martin then led a wonderful service in which we considered stories of Jesus. He used the beauty of math to demonstrate that God's world has pattern and order, and that the wonder of creation is such that it could not have happened by accident.

We firstly looked at the parable of the lost sheep and were reminded that we have a responsibility to do all we can to help and support those who are lost to the best of our ability; that may be to refer individuals to those who have the expertise and knowledge that we lack. In this context he referred to the new Bradford Courts Chaplaincy.

The second parable was that of the talents. Thackley folk are very familiar with this due to our annual "talents challenge"; however, Martin reminded us that sitting back and doing nothing is not an option; it is our responsibility to have a go and not be surprised that if we are successful, w…