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50 years celebration

Thackley Wives Group have just celebrated 50 years! It’s quite amazing to see some of the ladies who are still active members and actually started the group back in 1962. Founder members included Pat Farrar, Mary Souter, Mary Metcalfe, Jeanne Peckover, Jean Heggs and Margaret Austin. Over the past years the Wives have raised considerable amounts of money for the church, and helped at the Christmas and Summer Fairs. Well done Ladies! A celebration took place at Oakwood Hall.

"Words" from the Guides

When we arrived at church this morning, there was already a buzz around the place as the Guides had had a sleepover in the church hall and were busy putting the finishing touches to their plans for morning worship.  Well, we say sleepover, some got more sleep than others; we suspect those who were still awake at 4.30 am may be taking an afternoon nap.

The theme of their service was "Words" and their wonderful words took us on an inspiring and thought provoking journey:

Introduction & Opening Prayer
Hymn: MP 307 I will enter his gates
The Power of Words
Hymn MP 225 He’s got the whole wide world
Words & Their Meanings
The Use of Words
Hymn: MP435 Lord Jesus Christ
New Testament Reading 1: Mark 4: 35 – 41
Hymn: MP 456 Make me a channel of your peace
Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones
New Testament Reading 2: Titus 3: 2
Purple Feather Film:

Hymn & Offering:  MP 179 Go tell it on the mountain
Prayers, Prayers of Intercession & Lord’s Prayer
Prayer Plaits