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Table Top Sale - 20 April 2013

Table top sale
Saturday 20 April 2013 Please note it's the 3rd Saturday this month not the 4th
10.00 am to 12.00 noon
Refreshments available including bacon butties.
Our table top sales are one way of us supporting the local community.  Tables are offered free of charge to those in the local area and so far we've had a wide variety of talents on display with jewellery, crafts, crystals, bric-a-brac, baking etc.
We hold the sales in church as the community hall is often being used by our groups.  Many have commented about the calm and friendly environment that this provides; it also provides a first look inside for those who have passed by on the outside many times.  We have been particularly delighted that our open doors have drawn in couples who were married or worshipped here many years ago. We hope you will join us.

Take a second ... 14 April 2013

Take a second is a new informal fellowship for all ages at 6.00 pm on the Second Sunday of the month.

We  have been conscious of the need to nurture our teens in their faith journey yet haven’t been sure how best to do this.  Praise God that he provided the answer.  As we were preparing for one of our Own Arrangement services we discovered that our teens share a talent for playing guitars so we got them together with a few of us oldies who warble and bash a tambourine, and almost from nowhere we now have a Team TMC (Thackley Methodist Church) band. This has been a really positive contribution to worship on the odd occasion we’ve played; we include the little ones and they do brilliantly at keeping the beat with tambourines, shakers etc. By no means are these polished performances, but we certainly make a joyful noise and it’s been a good way to introduce some of the new hymns from Singing the Faith. 
Pondering on how we can get a bit more practice for the band and encourage our young…

Changes to Junior Church

At the recent Church Council is was agreed that from April onwards Junior Church will meet once a month only on the third Sunday. On other Sundays, worksheets will be available on the children’s table in church.  The reasoning behind this was the variable numbers of children from week to week, the difficulties thispresents for JC staff preparing the sessions and recognition that one of our strengths isbeinga welcoming churchinclusive of all ages. We will, of course, continue to have focused all age worship on the first Sunday of each month.