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Prayer diary w/c 30 April 2007

Monday 30th - Chris would like us to give thanks for Rachel's continuing recovery. May we also give thanks for the renewal of green leaves and flowers with the Spring. We are also asked to pray for Ruth’s boss, Sara, whose mum is going into hospital today for surgery. May they know of our prayers and be comforted by them.

Tuesday 1st - This month we are asked to pray for the residents of Thackley View. May they know the love of God through our concerns for them.

Wednesday 2nd - Chris asks that we place Jackie D. into God’s hands as she jets off to Canada. May she have a wonderful time with her family and return to us safely

Thursday 3rd - Isaac and many others have their KS3 SATS. Please ask God to be with our children throughout this difficult time.

Friday 4th - Olive would like us to give thanks for the Own Arrangements Service on 22nd April. Everyone who took part felt uplifted and gladdened by it.

Saturday 5th - Please hold before God John Froud and all the children who wil…

Christian Aid Week 13-19 May 2007

Did you know that donations made in Christian Aid Week change lives? Here's what your money could buy in El Salvador ...

£5 could pay for the monthly tuition fees for a young person to go to school.
£12 could pay for the school uniform
£90 could pay for the construction of a latrine.

Church Council has agreed that John V will organise Christian Aid Week in Thackley, with envelopes in Church and house to house collections.

Please give generously.

Prayer diary w/c 23 April 2007

Monday 23rd - Maria would like us to pray for Sue's (from Playgroup) father-in-law who is extremely ill. Please ask God's blessing on the family.

Tuesday 24th - Today John's daughter and family return to New Zealand. Please ask God to grant them a safe journey and ask a blessing on John and his mum, Kathleen.

Wednesday 25th - Lisa asks us to pray for those we know who have medical conditions which prevent them from living an active life, and especially for her friend Sue. May they feel Your love and hope in their dark moments.

Thursday 26th - Olive would like to give thanks to God for her good neighbours and loving friends.

Friday 27th - Please pray for all those who are imprisoned and for those who are the victims of crime and injustice.

Saturday 28th - Let us take time to pray for ourselves today. May you help and encourage us to continue spreading Your love throughout the world, and give us Your strength in times of need.

Sunday 29th - Ruth asks us to remember all the ministe…

Prayer diary w/c 16 April 2007

Monday16th - Lisa asks us to pray for Captain Alison Stark who is undergoing therapy for thyroid cancer. Please ask God to bless her family and the community in which she serves with love.

Tuesday 17th - Please keep praying for Ian and Dorothy T as Ian continues his slow path to recovery from cancer.

Wednesday 18th - Freda would like us to thank God for loving friends and family, and to pray for those who have to live without any of these, or a church family.

Thursday 19th - Lynne S asks us to pray for her daughter, Linda, who is recovering from cancer, and also for her friend Connie, living in a retirement home. May they both feel Your loving presence and know of our care and concern.

Friday 20th - Joe would like us to remember Joyce in our prayers. May she live her life in peace with her family surrounding her, and know her many friends here still love and care for her.

Saturday 21st - Please ask a blessing on the Daffodil Day run at this church by the Monday Mums for Marie Curie. May al…

Shine 15-22 April 2007

Talents challenge - Jackie gave out £5 notes this morning to see if we can make it go further by using our talents.Congratulations to Richard and Judith S who have become grandparents (first time!) to Oran, the baby boy of their daughter Jenny and partner Barry. Our love to them all!Yeoman of the Guard - Gill is appearing in the Bignley Gilbert & Sullivan's production 23-26 April 2007 at Bingley Arts Theatre. Please see Gill if you would like tickets.Junior Church - Many thanks to Wendy for all her help and support with Junior Church. She is taking a break from helping following the birth of Megan. We need someone to take over from Wendy. This involves helping approx one Sunday a month and we don't do Junior Church during school holidays. If you are interested, please see Kim. Junior Church resumes on 22 April.Monday - 9.30 am Monday Mums, 6.30 pm Boys BrigadeTuesday - 10.00 am Tuesday Fellowship, 7.00 pm Card Class, 7.30 pm GuidesWednesday - 6.15 pm Rainbows and Brownies,…

Bethany has a baby sister!

Wonderful news! Beautiful baby Megan was born at 2.08 pm on Easter Monday, approx 5 weeks before she was expected. Weighing in at 4lb 11oz, she'll be in special care for a few weeks; however, she and mum, Wendy, are doing fine. Andy is still in shock!!

We give prayers of thanks for her safe arrival, and ask God to surround them with His love and care.Congratulations and God bless you all.

Prayer diary w/c 9 April 2007

Monday 9th - Janet asks us to pray for Amanda. Amanda's grandfather and mother both died very suddenly and the family are devastated. Please ask God to surround them with His loving arms and give them peace.

Tuesday 10th - Margaret and Keith would like us to give thanks for David's recovery. He is now walking with a zimmerfame, and they thank everyone for their love, support and prayers.

Wednesday 11th - Jean K asks us to pray for her friend, Julie, who has undergone major surgery recently. May she feel God's healing touch on her.

Thursday 12th - Today Gill's grandpa, Frank, is 98 years old. He is now in a care home and Gill would like to thank us for our prayers and ask God to bless him and give him peace.

Friday 13th - John V asks us to prayer for Christian Aid - for those in over 50 countries worldwide who receive aid regardless of race, religion, colour or creed. Please also pray for those in this Church who will be supporting Christian Aid week which commences n…

He is risen!

What a wonderful Easter day service we had. Keith provided a thoughtful sermon on the resurrection while the children worked hard to make a beautiful Easter garden. They joined us to remove the negative symbols of suffering and death that we had left at the lenten cross each week of lent, and helped us to decorate the cross with an array of beautiful flowers representing the positive resurrection promise of new life in Christ. How beautiful it looked. We then shared family Holy Communion.

We wish you all Easter joy and peace.

Ian's Birthday

Thank you for your reference in last week's prayer diary to my birthday. As mentioned, I spent it in the French Alps skiing with Jonathan, and had a great day (and indeed a great week). I look forward to seeing you all at church soon, now I am back.

Prayer diary w/c 2 April 2007

Monday 2nd - This month we are asked to pray for the residents of Thackley Avenue - many of whom are known to us. May they all feel the love flowing from our church and be aware of our concerns for them.

Tuesday 3rd - Today is Ian K's birthday. he is on the continent ski-ing with Jonny. Let us give thanks for all Ian does for our church, ask God to bless him and his family richley, and bring them back safely.

Wednesday 4th - Please pray for David Standhaven who has been in great pain recently. Ask God's blessing on the nurses an doctors who attend him, that they might finally be able to alleviate this pain. May David and his family feel our love and concern.

Thursday 5th - On this Maundy Thursday, please support the service of Holly Communion at St Andrew's at 7.30 pm by your presence or your loving prayers. Please also ask a blessing on the North Bradford Churches Walk of Witness tomorrow evening.

Friday 6th - Jackie M would like us to give thanks for her sister, Margaret, wh…

Prayer mission - Thackley Avenue

Loving Lord
We ask your blessing on all who live in Thackley Avenue. You know their situations; their joys and sorrows; their hopes and fears; their needs and their concerns. May they know that they are in our thoughts and that we care for them. Help us to respond in love to the needs and pressures our modern world places upon them and show us ways in which we can serve and strengthen our community.

(Image by (Prayer mission info)