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Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning Worship at 10.30 am with Junior Church;  free refreshments afterwards.

Services are usually led by a Minister or a Local Preacher; however, we occasionally have "own arrangement" services where our members and worship leaders plan the service. Details of preachers are given in the Circuit Plan (pdf). We usually:
  • stand to sing hymns/songs;
  • sit to say prayers to God thanking Him for His goodness, saying sorry for things we've done/said to hurt others, and asking for His love and support for those in need;
  • sit to listen to readings from the bible;
  • sit to hear interpretations of what those bible readings mean to us in today's world;
  • take a collection - this helps with the upkeep of the church, pays for Ministers' salaries and goes towards the work of God in Thackley, the Bradford North Circuit of churches and the wider world. Please don't feel obliged to give; you will notice that many of our members let the collection bag pass by them as they give regularly via Direct Debit. We usually stand up as the collection is brought forward for a blessing.
We are a family friendly church and recognise that young ones are inquisitive and full of energy. So, if you have children there is no need to feel  embarrassed if they want to roam around to explore their surroundings. A children's table with books and quiet activities is available in church at all times.

All age worship takes place on the first Sunday of the month when children and adults stay in for the whole service. These services may include drama and more creative/interactive activities, and we will sing Happy Birthday to anyone with a birthday that month. On other Sundays the children go to do activities in Junior Church which are more suited to their age group. This can be a little daunting at first for some children, so if they prefer to stay in church and play at the children's table, that is absolutely fine. Alternatively, children may be accompanied by an adult in Junior Church. Appropriate safeguarding measures are in place to provide a safe environment for our church family.

On the night before Jesus died he instructed his followers to remember him by eating bread and drinking wine together. We do this every month or so in the form of Holy Communion when we receive a small piece of bread and a small glass of communion wine during the service. Everyone is welcome to receive Holy Communion; however, if you prefer, you can either remain in your seat or come forward to receive a blessing rather than bread and wine. Children usually go into Junior Church at the start of the service and join us later to receive bread and wine with us.

Refreshments (free) are served after the service so please stay for a cuppa and a chat.

We hope you will visit us soon.


Emma said…
Dear Sir

I have become a member of the Methodist Church and want my son to attend church but he was brought up in the anglicans. I hope that he will be facilitated to access church but should he now gp to the Methodists. It is my view that the accessibility of the church is what is important and this is where he would need help.
You and your son are very welcome to join us for worship.

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