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Buy at Thackley Methodists

Do you buy things online? Of course you do! Do you want to help raise funds for Thackley Methodist Church and Community Centre, to improve our premises and help in our activities and mission? Of course you do! Well now you can help raise pots of cash for us, without costing you a penny, simply by accessing all the online retailers you love to use via our website. Simpy go to and you will be able, by one click, to go to various national retailers (john Lewis, Argos, M & S, you name it!), and every purchase you then make on those retail sites earns us commission. Simple and effective. It is not just shopping. You can subscribe to Sky, check out various providers of car and home insurance, compare supliers of electricity and gas and all manner of other online activities, and whatever you do if it involves a purchase, we get paid. Please give it a try next time you want to shop online.

Raise Money For Us When Online Shopping!

At Last we have created a shopping website. You can access this website by going to and you will be able to visit any number of online retailers, including major brands like M & S, Tesco, John Lewis etc. Every time you buy at these sites, provided you have accessed them via our site, they pay us commission. No cost to you and it could generate a useful revenue stream for our church. Check it out!