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Community Celebration - Thank you

Thank you to everyone who supported our Community Celebration this morning. It was lovely to catch up with the latest news from:
Rainbows.Brownies.Guides.Sorted.Junior Church.Monday Mums.Ladies Group.Tuesday Fellowship.Baby Ballet.It was also lovely to welcome some new faces and a growing number of parents from Baby Ballet.Thanks to Elaine and Lisa for some really yummy baking. Thanks also to Isaac and Verity for moving all the tables - they're still recovering from the shock of getting up so early on a Saturday!If you missed this coffee morning, don't forget our next one which will be the Ladies Summer Fair on Saturday 26 June 2010.

WaterAid Jam Jars

During Lent we encouraged members to put a few coppers in a jam jar each time they used water; we've done this for several years now. Our treasurer reports that she's emptied the jars, counted all the loose change and has sent a cheque to WaterAid for £166.24

Thank you very much for your support and well done!