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God and His worship leaders to the rescue!

We were so sorry to hear that our preacher for today (Sunday 31 October 2010) was unable to come due to illness and didn't hesitate to say that our worship leaders would look after the service. We then realised we had just a few days to sort something out and did our best not to panic! Thank goodness for the Internet; after a flurry of emails Chris, John and Ruth had put together a service that considered God's awesome gift of His Son and our response to that wonderful demonstration of abundant love. Although on holiday, Gill played her part by supporting the others through prayer. Here's Jackie D's response to the service:

"I didn't get much chance to thank you all for the service this morning. It was interesting, informative and spiritual. It didn't consist of a hymn sandwich, we had a good mix of new songs and old hymns, the prayers were short and relevant, the speakers were excellent, the audio/visual meditation was stunning, and we got a rendition from…