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Currently 125 children on the roll. Staff undertaken Prevent Duty Training. Staff renewed First Aid and Basic Food and Hygiene Courses. Trip during summer to Ilkley Park by bus and train was a big success.Children enjoying “Food tasting from different countries”. Indian and Greek food went down well as did our Canadian breakfast. They have enjoyed the snow this year!!  Avis

Thank you to Avis and her team and to the children - we love to see your artwork in the corridors and coffee lounge.

Extend Exercise Report to General Church Meeting

Number of Members ranging from 8-13 depending on appointments etc and because of age group how they are feeling on the day.The group has built, people coming are regulars, new members have come back.Very friendly group.Sad to have lost a few members due to bereavement but the group has kept going no matter how many members. The group means a lot to me; it's not just about money as I have done this class at a loss. I love my work and members.  Lovely to see them meeting new friends and having quality times.

Best wishes Sue x

Why not join this super friendly group for gentle exercise for over 60's?

Sorted Report to General Church Meeting

Sorted continues to see growth amongst young people at Sorted, both numerically and also in faith.

At the moment we have 50-60 young people who attend Friday night at Thackley. Of that 50, we have 20 in a small group discovering faith and taking part in discussions about faith. This last year we have had:

8 baptisms 5 confirmations A new mums and toddlers group ( little thrivers) Vulnerable young people attending summer camp - 40 of us went to Soul Survivor last summerGrowth in our young adult work Opportunity to share how Sorted is doing at Thackley with an invitation to preach on a Sunday morning service.  On behalf of all the young people, young adults, volunteers and staff at Sorted, Andy and I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to everyone at Thackley Methodist Church who allow us to walk alongside vulnerable young people giving them a sense of purpose and self worth. There is a cost to doing this kind of missional work but the outcomes are far greater, parti…

BabyBallet - Report to General Church Meeting

On behalf of all our students and staff at babyballet® Bradford North I would like to thank you, the church, and all its volunteers for running the cafĂ© on a Saturday morning. It has proven very popular and encouraged our classes to grow to 4 in the morning, seeing 38 students each week.

The hall is always well clean, warm and welcoming for our little ones.

As a dance school we did our first show, for which we rehearsed in your hall and it was a great success, much enjoyed by all that took part and watched. We are planning another one for this year in June.

Miss Heather

Junior Church - Report to General Church Meeting

We have been coordinating Junior Church for a year now, and we are just about getting to grips with what we are doing. We have 4 children / young people who attend on a regular basis with another 4 or 5 who attend as and when they can. We have had a busy year and our highlights have been:-

Learning about the story of creation and creating plates to represent the days, then presenting it to the congregation.Creating our wishes and Prayers calendar for the year.Painting our feet and learning about Jesus washing the disciples feet.Building our own church from Gingerbread (with fixtures and fittings) and getting the congregation to help finish the roof and window, and learning that a church is not just a building but is also the people, the love, prayers, support and community within it.Making bees for our bee-longing board. We are looking forward to developing Junior Church in the coming year and thank you for your continued support, love and prayers, as well as your acceptance of our s…

Rainbows - Report to General Church Meeting

We have 20 girls and 5 leaders.

Over the past year rainbows have celebrated their 30th birthday so we swapped cards with other units from around the world including Australia, Canada, America and Germany. We also had a fairy adventure day at Wynches which was great fun.

As well as that we have enjoyed singing, dancing, craft and completing challenge badges. 

Thank you

Senior Section - Report to General Church Meeting

We have increased our numbers to 13 girls and will have 15 girls after Easter now meeting weekly. Our new main leader, Lexie, is supported weekly by a team of leaders/helpers We still need a permanent leader to either run the unit, or to support with finances and admin.

Programme highlights:

Messy Challenge.Unicorn Badge.Remembrance.Thinking day, Attended Sister Act at Immanuel to support 3 of our seniors in their production.Bag packing at Sainsbury's to raise funds, supporting other units as Young Leaders and 4 ladies completing their Baden Powell awards.  We will be changing programme and name from September 2018 to Rangers and for 14-18 year olds

Thanks Claire
Senior Section

Brownies - Report to General Church Meeting

As I write this report, I'm in the church hall, with 24 brownies and it is 11.20 pm, or is it 12.20 am (British summer time). So, as one is snoring away, here is my report.

We currently are full with 32 girls, 4 leaders, 2 young leaders and 2 Duke of Edinburgh award girls.

At some point this year I will be leaving for new pastures down south, but hope to carry on wherever I will be. I'll be leaving the girls here with an upcoming sleepover at the Deep in Hull, a new programme and lots of new things to do.

I've enjoyed my time at Thackley over the last six years and would like to wish each and everyone my best wishes for the future.

107th Thackley Brownies

We thank Carole for her fab work whilst she's been with us, and hold her in our prayers as she prepares for her move.

Weight Watchers - Report to General Church Meeting

At our General Church Meeting on 15 April 2018 we received reports from our community groups. Here is Weight Watchers report.

Sue, our new leader, took over November. Numbers are between 14-24 members.Since January 214 lbs in weight lost.Two members reached Goal.Fun group.
Weight Watchers Bradford/Keighley
The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people take their own life each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds. Up to 25 times as many again make a suicide attempt. This means that there are many more people who have been bereaved by suicide or have been close to someone who has tried to take his or her own life. 

Death and dying are difficult subjects to talk about, and yet something we all face. We provide a safe space for you to drop in for a cuppa, buy a cake, share in conversation, browse resources, light a candle, create a small keepsake or sit quietly remembering loved ones who have died, are facing the end of life, or struggle with mental illness. 

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be supporting the valuable work of Mind.

Previous death cafe style coffee mornings:

September 2016.May 2016.